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Timothy Glass was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Central New Mexico. Tim graduated from the University of New Mexico. He later spent some time in New England and central Florida.

Glass is an award winning author, illustrator, cartoonist, and writing instructor. Tim has worked as a ghostwriter and a story consultant. Glass started his writing career as a journalist under the pen name of C. Stewart. He has written and published more than 300 nonfiction articles nationally and internationally for the health and fitness industry. Glass worked as a regular contributing writer for several New York-based magazines. T. Faron


Until the magazine's retirement in the late 1990's, Tim was a freelance journalist for It's a Wrap magazine, a New Mexico entertainment quarterly.

Tim learned early on in his career that he wanted to touch the lives of his readers with his writing. Tim’s Amazon best seller, Just This Side of Heaven, has helped readers the world over with its healing message.

Glass is currently working on several writing projects, both fiction and nonfiction, including his Sleepytown Beagles children's book and cartoon series. The Sleepytown Beagles cartoons have been featured around the world.

Tim enjoys the company of his wife, Cathy, and his tri-colored beagles. He is a member of the Author's Guild of America, Author's League of America, Dog Writers Association of America and a past member of Southwest Writers and IEEE Computer Society.

The inspiration for Postcards came from the many years Tim worked as a journalist. He was offered an assignment in the Middle East as an embedded reporter. After initially accepting, he later turned it down for personal reasons. It has always been a missing link in his journalistic career not accepting the assignment and he deeply regrets this decision.

Photography of Timothy Glass by Kim Jew Photography Studio