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Early Reviews

If you took Nicholas Sparks and mixed in some Danielle Steele, this is the author you would get in Faron! A fantastic summer read and quite the page-turner. I have to say I loved the characters in this book.
Louis Stanley, Portland, ME

I got my copy and flipped through the book, thinking I would read it later. That simply did not happen. I started reading that morning and finished it the same evening. I could not put the book down.
S. George, Allentown, PA

This is a beautifully told story, which will delight anyone who is a romantic at heart.
Erica Roberts, Haverhill, MA

In the true, easy style of writing that Faron (Glass) is known for, he has managed to create a wonderful love story that will have you rethinking love.
Janice Kennedy, Springfield, IL

Brilliantly told story of love everlasting! The characters literally jump off the pages and into your heart.
Lillian Scott, Westlake, OH

After reading this story, I am now opening myself up to new possibilities and looking for my “one.”
K. Sandoval, Albuquerque, NM

This novel is a page-turner. I laughed and cried, but in the end I found myself looking at life in a new way.
P. Martin, Katy, TX

Faron has a way of delivering new things for his readers to think about in such an entertaining way.
Rebecca Babcock, London, England